YouWave 3.30

Test out Android apps on your computer before downloading them with this free Android emulator

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YouWave 3.30
YouWave 3.2.0

YouWave is a piece of software that lets you try out apps for the Android operating system on your PC via Android OS emulation. Using this software, you can play mobile games that were meant for Android directly on your PC. It also lets you try out social apps and other software for the Android before you actually install it on your physical Android device.

There are several other apps on the market that do the same thing YouWave does, including Andy OS and BlueStacks App Player. When you take advantage of one of these apps, you'll be able to preview both the functionality and aesthetic of any app through the desktop system before the software is transferred to the mobile device.

In the home version of YouWave, you'll get support for Android's Ice Cream Sandwich OS instead of the newest KitKat version. If you have an SD card reader hooked to your PC, the system can use that card to create a virtual SD card for the emulated Android device. The software also includes individual volume controls, dynamic rotations, and online multiplayer support.

When you first download and install YouWave, it will come with all the same apps as any other Android device. These include the settings, music, browser, and many others. You can download and install the Google Play app within the emulated software, and that will allow you to visit the store and install more apps. You can also install APKs to load new apps. While this process is certainly doable, it could be quite a bit easier. Other Android emulation apps make it a bit easier to download and install apps.

One of the biggest complaints about YouWave is the user interface. The control panel features a clunky, almost disorganized design, and the UI in general has an older aesthetic that many would find dull, boring, and outdated.

While there are a few issues with the overall stability of YouWave, the app works well enough to make it worth the download. External apps can be loaded onto the emulated phone, and they are usually simulated with exceptional quality. Of course, not every app runs well with the software, and apps designed for Android KitKat or any other system past Ice Cream Sandwich probably won't be compatible.

It's hard to say if the software is worth the effort it would take to download and install. At its core, YouWave is more than capable of performing that tasks it was designed to perform, but there are other free apps that perform the same functions with equal or greater quality. If you simply need to double or triple check a new app you've developed against several emulators, YouWave will provide a stable preview so you can be sure you've found all the bugs.


  • Virtual SD Card
  • Android UI Emulation
  • Test Apps for Android on PC


  • Minor Stability Problems
  • Not Fully Compatible

YouWave is a free, downloadable program that allows a computer to simulate the effects of the Android operating system commonly found on smartphones. It is mainly being used by mobile developers who are attempting to figure out what their creations look like on a mobile device. By being able to simulate the Android operating system, it saves the developer the trouble of having the purchase a phone that runs the necessary operating system to check for look, aesthetics and functionality.

YouWave specializes in simulating every detail of the Android operating system, from the touch-pad navigation to the control panel. It is even able to test for multi-player functionality for mobile games through YouWave.


  • Easy Installation: The installation process for YouWave is very simple. A new installation box will open on the computer and the wizard will prompt the user with steps to follow. The only additional step is if VirtualBox is installed. If VirtualBox is installed, it will need to be uninstalled in order for the program to run. This process is not particularly difficult to navigate, as it is part of the installation wizard steps.
  • Allows External Application to be Tested on an Android Operating System: It is possible to both install and run external applications on YouWave because it supports the Google Play Store. This makes it easy for web developers and game developers to see precisely what their creations look like in an Android environment. If makes it easy to check that all of the menus are working, that the necessary information is able to be seen and that the game functions the way that it is supposed to. By doing this, a web developer is able to assure the success of website or game.
  • Virtual SD Card: The virtual SD card allows everything to be simulated perfectly and ensures complete accuracy between the simulation and real life, Android operating system. It is also possible to run programs through the APK of the application, which is a slightly more direct route to being able to check a program's functionality and make necessary changes.


  • Not Every Application is Fully Compatible with YouWave: Not every application will be able to run on YouWave, making it slightly more difficult to test programs than if a real phone were being used. Despite how frustrating this could be, most programs will be able to run on YouWave, so the chances that the program will not work are very low.
  • Stability Issues: When the YouWave player becomes overwhelmed with graphics, programs or other information, there is a slight chance that it will crash. This can be irritating for the developer, but repairs are constantly being made in the form of patches to address these stability issues. However, it might make this program a less-than-effective choice for those who are in the midst of developing large programs that will completely overwhelm the overall operating capacity of YouWave.

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